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[Download] Sexy Zone 2014-2015 Calendar Scans || April 2014 Fineboys: Nakajima Kento

My HeySayJUMP calendar hasn't arrived yet though and my supplier said it might arrive at around 1st to 2nd week of April T____T on to which I cannot wait anymore!!

Anyways.... I'm on the verge of confused state before on which calendar should I buy (Jump or Sexy Zone or Johnny's Junior) but I  have to choose one only so I end up choosing jump coz I like them more but I like Sexy Zone and Janizu too as well since the description stated in cdjapan that jump's calendar has a 80 pages of photos and a scheduler so I end up choosing them since its more enticing and definitely WORTH IT.

I have a HQ scan of Sexy Zone's calendar here


download link: We Gotta Go!

decryption key: GnF_XlYeporzAzzW5nDGhKEzxUJmmdt42IfSHDSwQ6k

and yet I found a johnny's junior's hq scans but i had a hard time deciphering the password. So as for now this might be it.

Nakajima Kento at Fineboys April issue


download link: Silver Spoon

decryption key: NQqG-nDy_bWqmqh1po41kk1aOuRc5YGl5s6mVqL5SJI

password: teleportation

credits: Shiaori_So


Thank you XD