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131225 Inoo Kei [Johnny's Official Ride With Me Off PHOTO SHOTS]

Hi! How are you've been? Sorry for being hiatus for almost a month now because i'm busy with work nowadays and its the end of the year everyone so MERRY CHRISTMAS and have a JOYOUS NEW YEAR!

For the time being, i'll be back but I hardly go online via PC nowadays. For this entirety and lack of update. I would share to you Kei's Ride With Me off photo shots which was released today together with the RWM single. I have watched the PV this morning and as expected it was good and refreshing coming from jump itself. I'm so proud and finally having Inoo and Keito's solo lines which is a very good christmas gift! ^^


download: Inoo Kei Official Photos [20 sets]
password: inookeirwm

credits: hanatokisu

Thank you and goodnight~ ^^


Do u have a media fire link? I can't download it on my phone....
sorry late reply! Oh no i don't have. But I can reupload it if you want.
Thank you so much ^0^
no problem!^^
thank you<3
your welcome :DD
Thank you so much for this :))))))