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131105 Inoo Kei - 100秒博士アカデミーに (first appearance)

This file isn't mine but if you want to watch Hyako Byo Hakase Academy with Inoo in it
Inoo Kei CUT: 1

If you want to download the file unfortunately its in weibo baidu form (TS files) and I cannot reupload it since it is not allowed to according to the uploader's wish. But if you want to, I can teach you how though and to those who knew to download the file here are the links:

*download link Inoo Kei CUT parts only: 1 | password: ne32
*download link FULL SHOW: 2 | password: o4gz

Of course these ts files would be seem heavy because it is all HD. The cut parts is worth of 3gb and the full show is 5gb.

credits: royalmaron | Channel_JPN | 伊野尾员会 | 死宅orz

*** Please PM me or message me down below if you need help.


Tks for sharing this ^^ Love Kei love ya <3 <3 <3
anoo, would you like to give me advice how to download in dailymotion with full show? I just try to download but can not get full show. Thank you nee :)
use keepvid.com and place the dailymotion link in there and you can download the video right away. ^^
oh sou ka. thank you very much nee ミ★(*・ω・)v Thanks!!★彡