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Aing~! Aishiteru

"Friendship is all about betraying and being betrayed" - Inoo Kei

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Hi! I'm Anne. 21 years old from Philippines!
Nurse at your service!

Wayback before I was an anime fan well up until now really. I opt to listen their soundtracks until the time i was able to know about Arashi and became their fan, then slowly by slowly i knew about Kat-tun, NewS, Kanjani8. Then by early 2008, I knew Hey!Say!Jump due to Hey!Say!7's anime soundtracks in the anime 'Lovely Complex' and i was mesmerized by it! So i did a little research about them and got to know who's Yamada Ryosuke, Chinen Yuri, Nakajima Yuto ONLY! (I didn't knew about the other members ;__;). Yes i was a fan to their music H!S!7 and HSJ's UMP but not to the group then by mid 2008 i shifted into knowing Super Junior and became their fan (ELF) up until now, it's been 5 years ne, very very nostalgic eh. Well anyways by 2011 i've encountered JUMP again thru Hikaru's series "Ikemen Desu Ne" but i star struck into knowing KisMyFt2's Tamamori Yuta and Taipi more leaving behind JUMP again (sorry!) then eventually leaving kisumai again coz i cannot leave out my fandom (ELF). Then was it fate/destiny that by around June 2013, I have encountered JUMP again and didn't know i was to become their full-fledged fan because of Hey!Say!Best's Score (it was my LSS song for a month really!) and knew about Inoo Kei, the member i often left behind and didn't notice before. Now guess what, he became my ichiban or bias. kkkkk. And yes up until now, i am slowly learning about jump again! Thank you for crossing into my life again. Both JUMP and Super Junior completes my fangirl life!