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Nov. 10th, 2013


I guess, I'm back?

After a month of hiatus because of certain commitments and stuff, I guess I'm back already? LOL

Hi friends! How have you been lately?

I've been glad nowadays coz I've got to watch Inoo's new variety 100 seconds Expert Academy~ which had aired last 11/05.
[P.S. Read this!]

Plus the Zenkoku e Concert Tour DVD screencaps~

Just look at this precise example /faints

recently this week, Inoo Kei, Takaki Yuya and Chinen Yuri went to Kanjani8's JUKEBOX Tour CON which was on 11/09

I've been outdated lately. That's all.
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Oct. 16th, 2013


[Download] Hey!Say!JUMP FC Booklet no. 19

Download Hey!Say!JUMP's FC Booklet no. 19 which is featuring their Zenkoku e concert tour 2013.
I have reuploaded the original source coz the owner said not to take out the links outside weibo and I think not all fans know how to download files via kuai xunlei and raysource so i uploaded them via 4shared.


download link: jump fc booklet


[NEWS] Inoo Kei and Yabu Kota will appear in a new show

It is said and what was listed in the official Johnny site that Hey!Say!JUMP's Yabu Kota and Inoo Kei will appear as "semi-regulars" in the new TBS show entitled [100秒博士アカデミー] / [Hyaku Byo Hakasa Academy] / [100 seconds of Dr. Academy] which will be airing starting on October 22, 2013 every Tuesdays at 10:00 - 10:54 PM JST.

I'm not good in understanding japanese but basing on the official website, the show will be all about intellectual and academic abilities basically. Two people will fight off in each rounds showing their philosophies and intellectualism for about 100 seconds given time. So this show will be about Doctors.

The show will have three categories:

1. The Doctors  and theme is Introduction
- all about limit state-of-the-art and basic knowledge about theories in full 100 seconds only.

2. 100 seconds of Presentation
-  after introducing their different theories or innovations, they will be given a 100 seconds of presentation

- after the presentation, the MC's and the different members of Hyaku Academy will have a Question & Answer portion.

So that's basically the show will be about. But I don't care coz will be seeing both Inoo and Yabu as one of the intellectual members in jump and its Inoochan time to shine finally!! and hey they'll be appearing as semi regulars which means we'll be seeing them more often. yayyyyyyyy

SOURCES: 100秒博士アカデミー Official Page || Johnny's Official Page

Oct. 13th, 2013



As I was browsing weibo I have seen the recent papapics of Daiki and Inoo. To this point, I was so curious what was the thing that Daiki is holding as I thought it was some kind of folder being piled with a lot of documents. Refer to this.

But something is very disturbing as this is the bag or whatever do you call it that Inoo mentioned on his recent jumpaper wherein he played his prank on Daichan and I hilariously laughed how Inoo described his bag which on first too, I cannot imagined as well LOL. He described it "bag that looks it's made up of scraps of cardboard" LOL XDDDD.

And oh yeah it is really a bag which is a unique one with a California word imprinted on it! XDD It costs around 10,500 yen. Hahaha sugoii!!!


Oct. 8th, 2013


[Jumpaper] 13.10.06 - Inoo Kei

Inoo updated his Jumpaper just recently. I'll translate it from chinese to english~

If you have already read it, then it's good! LOL Just keep on reading and smiling! ^__^


"Inoochan's fulfilling summer and recently obtained diving license and his unsatisfied prank on Daichan". XDDDDD


It's cold! It's gotten cold all of a sudden, huh?
I'm going to catch a cold!! (laughs)

Seasons change quickly!!

Oh, hello.

It's Kei Inoo!

Summer is over~!


Were you able to enjoy some summer activities?

Like going to the beach!

When you think of beach, you have to think of Inoo!! You know~!


I got the water diving license! (laughs)

I'd love Takaki-paisen to take me diving! (laughs)
*paisen (sempai-kohai, i think he purposely interchanged the two lol)

Please take me, Takaki-senpai (laughs)!

That's about all I did this summer! (laughs)
I'm talking about summer, but it's like october already!! (laughs)

This is totally unrelated, but I played a pranked on Daichan, go look at the side pocket of
your bag that looks like it's made up of scraps of cardboard. Then read the rest of
this!! (laughs)


Now I'll explain what kind of a prank I played.

When we are taking polaroid photos
for a magazine shoot, Arioka kun kept taking weird photos of me.

I didn't really want him to, but I humored him.


He seemed very satisfied of his polaroid photos .
Daichan was like,
"These are awesome Inoochan"! and clapped his hands like a toy monkey.

Hold on! I was not satisfied at all! So I secretly wrote a message on a polaroid photo
and put it in Daichan's cardboard-like bag with graffiti on it. But I don't think he's
noticed it yet.

I personally wanted him to find it when he is struggling in the malaysian
jungle with Yamachan! (laughs)

Since he still hasn't noticed it apparently,

I'm letting him know about it in here!


So satisfying!!

Well then everyone.

See ya.

Bye bye.

**** what a meanie LOL and congratulations on obtaining that diving license you've been longing hahaha. Then it's pretty impossible for you and Yuyan not to exchange numbers, right? Please go out just the two of you!! XDDD

Oct. 6th, 2013


[WINK UP] November 2013 - Inoo Kei

This talks about Inoo Kei and Jesse Lewis as distant relatives which was revealed on Duet August 2012 and now Wink Up talked about it again.

"Wink Up board rumors: Inoo Kei to Jesse Lewis because both of them are distantly related!"

- Because Jesse Lewis once mentioned in Duet that Inoo and him are distant relatives. So when Inoo Kei heard about this, he seriously thought and said, "I also have foreign blood in me? Of course, I suddenly daydream about it XD". So Wink Up rumor board said they wanted to gather these two relatives.


Oct. 3rd, 2013


Omggggg HELP!

Minna as I was exploring yahoo japan auctions and I found these numerous Inoo Kei uchiwas and desperately I WANT ALL OF THEM. I don't know how to use yahoo!japan auctions and I cannot understand kanji as well. So please help me! ;____;



These are the sample photos:

inookei uchiwa link

I ENVY ALL OF THEM. PLEASE MINNA, PLEASE HELP or does anyone who can recommend me a bidder-seller??
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Oct. 2nd, 2013


Hey!Say!JUMP Zenkoku e JUMP Tour 2013 DVD release announced

Jump will be releasing their Zenkoku e JUMP Tour 2013 DVD on November 13, 2013 (Wednesday).

DVD Details:

With live DVD footage taken directly from the July 15 performance in Nagano Big Hat, this DVD showcases the performances of "Hey!Say!JUMP Zenkoku e JUMP Tour 2013" that spanned across 12 cities and 25 concerts from April until August, 2013.

[DISC 1]

1. Overture
2. Super Delicate
3. Hitomi no Screen
4. Born in the Earth
5. Our Future
6. Over
7. Aing~ Aishiteru
8. School Days (Hey!Say!Best)
9. Style (Hey!Say!Best)
10. Nounai Dance (Hey!Say!7)
11. Ganbaretsugo (Hey!Say!7)
12. Mayonaka no Shadow Boy
13. Your Seed
14. Sam & Pinky
15. Ai Scream
16. Come On A My House
17. Mystery Virgin
18. Scramble (Hey!Say!Best)
19. Just For You (Hey!Say!7)
20. Bounce
21. Beatline
22. Arigatou~ Sekai no Doko ni Itemo
23. To the Top
24. Hero
25. Magic Power
26. New Hope~ Konna ni Bokura wa Hitotsu
27. Dreamer
28. Ultra Music Power
29. Dreams Come True
30. Come On A My House
31. Romeo & Juliet

[DISC 2]

It includes a digest of video compilations of the Tokyo Dome performances (May 12, 2013) during the run.

> 1st Press Details: Premium Packaging; Postcard size Photo card set (9 solo and 1 group photo)
> Running Time: 210 minutes

> Item weight: 230g

Preorder now: CDJAPAN || HMV Online

Oct. 1st, 2013


kodochalover in comeonamyjump

[reposted post] Popolo, November 2013 Hey!Say!BEST Reader's Q & A Translation

Here is HSB's part~! We get a question from a fan boy :D Hikaru might be interested in making his JUMP character's official, Takaki still hasn't gotten Inoo's contact info, Daiki gets along well with his jrs and Yabu's necklace broke x)


Popolo November 2013
Request Festival
[Up next is a Q & A session with the readers and the members. There’s also a “Request Pic!” corner!]

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yamada-kun ANAN

kodochalover in comeonamyjump

[reposted post] Popolo, November 2013 Hey!Say!JUMP Reader's Q & A Translation 3

Here's more requests directed towards JUMP as a whole :3 Enjoy~^^
Read requests to Hey!Say!7HERE♥♪

“I want them to be wrapped up together in a ribbon”(YamaYutoLove)

 photo Popolo2013YamaYuto_zps2f6cca3c.png

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