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140511 GREAT NEWS~ Hey!Say!JUMP 3rd Album + Summer Concert Tour

It was announced just yesterday 5/10 (saturday) that jump has an announcement but its seems they gave us 2 new songs entitled
a. Setsunasa to hikikae ni (lyrics by yabu)
b. Forever (i heard the audio though and its like a bounce-ish genre +
audio here!

but today jump just announced their 3rd Album entitled [SMART] and the release date would be on 6/18/2014 + the most awaited summer nationwide tour


8/2 - 8/3 -->>> Osaka Jo Hall
8/17 -->>> Marine Messe Arena (fukuoka)
9/20 - 9/21 -->>> Shizuoka Ecopa Arena
10/11 - 10/13 -->>> Yokohama Arena

4 cities + 14 performances targeting 190,000 fans this time.

So basically the preorders for the album might start tomorrow though!

P.S. concert penlights + photosets of inoo, takaki, yabu and daiki were SOLD OUT! YAYYY INOO KEI'S POPULARITY SOARED HIGH THIS TIME ^__^



Yay! I'm so happy Inoo's photoset sold out! I'm excited for the new album!!!
Thanks for sharing the news!
i'm so proud of inoo-chan! I'm glad he was the first member who's goods were sold out first. yayyyy. I bought the goods as well and im buying the album too! :))