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[Download scans] Hey!Say!JUMP TV Guide (February 2014) issue

Hi! Although its been late but I want to share HSJ's scans in TV Guide magazine last february
where Inoo is still blonde though. One of the rarest magazines where he majorly dyed his hair lol.

Come and get it! XDDDDD


download link: Blonde Inoo!
decryption key: https://mega.co.nz/#!c1t2gSaL!UW7aN8qgEUsvIQ6004STkNo0fUC0PWw6bOq3EeFCOz8

btw, have you seen the jump calendar? the photos were so nice but I haven't browse the whole calendar coz I'm waiting for my own copy to be delivered the soonest this month. I don't wanna spoil the excitement though but my current profile now is from the calendar. Omggggggggg

I have been thinking as well if any of you want to download sexy zone's calendar scans as well? If yes, I might post it :)))

thank you and good night!


Thanks for sharing!!
I didn't saw any photos, but now I really want to buy the calender XD
really? but its already spread via sns lately. You should get and buy one before it got sold out in cdjapan! :DD
Sns? <- this is probably why I haven't seen it..haha
I might jus do that! :)
sns is social networking sites like facebook, twitter, weibo, etc.. hehe.

i guess its pretty scattered right now haha
oh! I feel stupid for not knowing that. But hey, my mother language isn´t Enlgish~ and i'm not on these sites as a fan...

I've seen it now, since someone uploaded it on LJ :D
hahaha its okay, the calendar is so nice!!