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140205 [Download] Daiki, Yuto, Takaki and Hikaru & Chinen's AinoArika off photoshots *UPDATED

****Updated link for Hikaru and Chinen's off photo shots are included as well~

Since due to public demand of other members' photos although I am Inoo Kei biased, I decided to upload the other members' off photoshots as well. Sorry for the delay since I am so busy these days.

By the way, I don't have Yabu, Yamada, Keito and Chinen's off photoshots.

teaser.... here you go~


download: Oh!My!Daiki

decryption key: 8X_c6VK3AYdsi3XJbBIITedpQK0XfD-b6pFACKmvVhc

password: arioka


download: Oh!My!Yuto

decryption key: x5q7Rs5wUgjGAl7PMSpE0olTEk-yjwBeAhP9YOZfhCk

password: nakajima


download: Oh!My!Takaki

decryption key: pIq0qhH_MgiY0V2cdbh3iCUVhGd0-vBPkLZaBa7my4U

password: takaki


download: Oh!My!Hikaru || Mediafire

decryption key: 1lnA7H5MICsJhDvagVHt_0wm8qQ1eWa248VD2G6HqRU

password: yaotome


download: Oh!My!Yuri

decryption key: ICLAwwj6AxOOzhwW2DVPH-Ny_ifmG-naRIP3z501uas

password: chinen

and yeah the password i meant is the RAR password to extract the photos.

Just if you're wondering, I already uploaded Inoo and jump's group photos in my last post. Okay that's all! If something is wrong with the links feel free to message me. Thank you~


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Thank yooouuuu ^.^ ~
your welcome hehe. please enjoy! ^^
Thank u!! =)
thank youu <333
thank you for sharing the photos ^^
Thank you so much for sharing *---*
Thank you <3 :*
thankyou again :)
thank youuuuuuuuu! ^^
Thank you for sharing!
thank you ^^
Taking Yu's! sankyuu!
Thank you so much~ ^3^
Thank you !
first of all, thank you so much sharing <3

but, i've been trying to download hikaru's one, but the download never get started T___T is anyone else has the same problem like me? DD: i wonder what was wrong? T___T if it wasn't such a trouble would you mind reupload hikaru's one to mf? because I really want them >__< and only mf works fine for me DD: but if it was such a trouble, it's okay then thanks again for sharing :)
hi! what seems the problem? so that's why i can help. It has a decryption key though and try again. Please do tell me, if the problem still persists so that i can help you.
Thank you so much ^0^
Arigatou! Hontou ni arigatou!
Thank you ^--^
thank you for sharing,, it's really kind of you,, even it's too bad you don't have chinen's,, T^T,,

anyway,, thank you very much,, m(_ _)m
hi! i already chinen's off photoshots~
thank you
but hikaru link doesn't work. I couldn't download it. would you upload it again???
I'll work for it by tomorrow. Thank you again. So hikaru's link seems to have a problem.

Thank you

Thanks for sharing! I'm taking Yuto's photos. <3 <3 <3 <3
Thanks. <3
Taking Yuya's photos. ^^
sankyu for uploading...but..why Yama~chan? :O why cant you upload him?
coz i don't have a high quality photo of him but i guess i'll try to find them by tomorrow
Thank you for sharing!!! So clear and handsome!!! XD
taking yuto's part. arigachuuuu :*
Thank you~!!!
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