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140131 - Comeback Post | HSJ FC Booklet #20

Hi! How are you been lately? It's been a month and a half since I posted. I seldom go online these days via PC coz I've been busy with work lately but I often go online via SNS for important matters. I usually go to LJ 1-2x per week but in terms of updating nowadays that is a matter to be talk about coz I'm such a couch potato. *sorry*

Well anyways today was the last performance of Johnny's 2020 World. One of the highlighted performance is some of the juniors especially Genki and Jinguji back danced for Yabu's solo performance of Kamona.

It's cute, wasn't it?

credits: ゆいち

Finally Hey!Say!JUMP's Fanclub Booklet no.20 scans is here!!


download link here: fc booklet


Happy 24th Birthday to JUMP's papa, Yabu Kota! Thank you for always keeping an eye to jump, thank you for partly created the jump members we had now and be the Yabu Kota we had always known. ^^



BUk9iehCIAAC69y.jpg-large (960×1280)


Kung Hei Fat Choi! Gong Xi Fa Cai minna!


thank you for the download link! :)
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Taking the FC booklet. Thanks so much for sharing :)
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Taking the FC booklet. Thank you~!
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thanks for the booklet, and happy for my Kouchan's birthday :)
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Taking JUMP's booklet, thank you for sharing ~ ^^
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the fc booklet link already dead ;;w;;
can you reupload again pleasee? ;;w;;
oh i just checked it right now, it is perfectly working though
maybe it just an error xD

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yep no problem :)
Taking the scans! Thank you so much ♥
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