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HAHAHAHA struggling..... in laughing XDDD

Zenkoku Tour Inoo and Takaki hilarious MC Part



Inoo: I sat beside Takaki on the plane. He was eating his bento that time like "Yabe~ Yabai~ Yabe~!"with a very serious face, not with this kind of expression of mine but a very cool expression.
Inoo: I became curious so I asked him what happened. And he answered, "Oichiiiiii!" (delicious in a cute way)
JUMP: He said it! *laughs*
Yuto: Takaki-kun is quite cute, ne?
JUMP: Do ‘oichii’ again! Come on!
Takaki: Why?!
Daiki: Hai.. Okay, so you sat on the plane and…
Hikaru: And you’re eating your bento…
Takaki: Yabai... This is really something
JUMP: What happened?
Takaki: This is really something… Oichiiiiii!
Takaki: Ah, I really looked like an idiot.
JUMP: You ARE an idiot! *laughs*
Yabu: Idiotic and cute. Isn’t that awesome?

hahaha TakaNoo's officiality!! XDDD LOL. I was struggling laughing to Kei-chan's hilarious imitation to Yuyan's way of eating XDDD

credits: J Star Passion


this is one of my fav part in the dvd!

Inoo strikes again, Yuya was bullied again by JUMP!
it made me 100% happy and doki-doki! lol btw, you can u understand japanese, right? i cannot get the logic why inoo kept on mentioning, "tension apple"??
um, just a little...

I think it’s just a pun for "tension up!"

LOL about Inoochan’s cheerfulness here!
oh i see! hahaha. thank you~

btw, our inoo-chan will be on a new drama with hikaru! yayyyy
hontou? Hikaru’s the lead role right? whats Inoochans role there?

gosh, tnx for the info!

what was the title of the drama?
yep he's the lead character.

Inoo is a blind pianist who's going to be Hika's love rival.

Title is "Dark System - Battle of Love", a sci-fi kind of dorama wherein hikaru is a building a machine to crush all his love rivals and Inoo is one of them xD

Ohh this is going to be interesting. hahaha