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May. 11th, 2014


140511 GREAT NEWS~ Hey!Say!JUMP 3rd Album + Summer Concert Tour

It was announced just yesterday 5/10 (saturday) that jump has an announcement but its seems they gave us 2 new songs entitled
a. Setsunasa to hikikae ni (lyrics by yabu)
b. Forever (i heard the audio though and its like a bounce-ish genre +
audio here!

but today jump just announced their 3rd Album entitled [SMART] and the release date would be on 6/18/2014 + the most awaited summer nationwide tour


8/2 - 8/3 -->>> Osaka Jo Hall
8/17 -->>> Marine Messe Arena (fukuoka)
9/20 - 9/21 -->>> Shizuoka Ecopa Arena
10/11 - 10/13 -->>> Yokohama Arena

4 cities + 14 performances targeting 190,000 fans this time.

So basically the preorders for the album might start tomorrow though!

P.S. concert penlights + photosets of inoo, takaki, yabu and daiki were SOLD OUT! YAYYY INOO KEI'S POPULARITY SOARED HIGH THIS TIME ^__^


Mar. 16th, 2014


[Download] Sexy Zone 2014-2015 Calendar Scans || April 2014 Fineboys: Nakajima Kento

My HeySayJUMP calendar hasn't arrived yet though and my supplier said it might arrive at around 1st to 2nd week of April T____T on to which I cannot wait anymore!!

Anyways.... I'm on the verge of confused state before on which calendar should I buy (Jump or Sexy Zone or Johnny's Junior) but I  have to choose one only so I end up choosing jump coz I like them more but I like Sexy Zone and Janizu too as well since the description stated in cdjapan that jump's calendar has a 80 pages of photos and a scheduler so I end up choosing them since its more enticing and definitely WORTH IT.

I have a HQ scan of Sexy Zone's calendar here


download link: We Gotta Go!

decryption key: GnF_XlYeporzAzzW5nDGhKEzxUJmmdt42IfSHDSwQ6k

and yet I found a johnny's junior's hq scans but i had a hard time deciphering the password. So as for now this might be it.

Nakajima Kento at Fineboys April issue


download link: Silver Spoon

decryption key: NQqG-nDy_bWqmqh1po41kk1aOuRc5YGl5s6mVqL5SJI

password: teleportation

credits: Shiaori_So

Mar. 9th, 2014


[Download scans] Hey!Say!JUMP TV Guide (February 2014) issue

Hi! Although its been late but I want to share HSJ's scans in TV Guide magazine last february
where Inoo is still blonde though. One of the rarest magazines where he majorly dyed his hair lol.

Come and get it! XDDDDD


download link: Blonde Inoo!
decryption key: https://mega.co.nz/#!c1t2gSaL!UW7aN8qgEUsvIQ6004STkNo0fUC0PWw6bOq3EeFCOz8

btw, have you seen the jump calendar? the photos were so nice but I haven't browse the whole calendar coz I'm waiting for my own copy to be delivered the soonest this month. I don't wanna spoil the excitement though but my current profile now is from the calendar. Omggggggggg

I have been thinking as well if any of you want to download sexy zone's calendar scans as well? If yes, I might post it :)))

thank you and good night!

Feb. 9th, 2014


140205 [Download] Daiki, Yuto, Takaki and Hikaru & Chinen's AinoArika off photoshots *UPDATED

****Updated link for Hikaru and Chinen's off photo shots are included as well~

Since due to public demand of other members' photos although I am Inoo Kei biased, I decided to upload the other members' off photoshots as well. Sorry for the delay since I am so busy these days.

By the way, I don't have Yabu, Yamada, Keito and Chinen's off photoshots.

teaser.... here you go~


download: Oh!My!Daiki

decryption key: 8X_c6VK3AYdsi3XJbBIITedpQK0XfD-b6pFACKmvVhc

password: arioka


download: Oh!My!Yuto

decryption key: x5q7Rs5wUgjGAl7PMSpE0olTEk-yjwBeAhP9YOZfhCk

password: nakajima


download: Oh!My!Takaki

decryption key: pIq0qhH_MgiY0V2cdbh3iCUVhGd0-vBPkLZaBa7my4U

password: takaki


download: Oh!My!Hikaru || Mediafire

decryption key: 1lnA7H5MICsJhDvagVHt_0wm8qQ1eWa248VD2G6HqRU

password: yaotome


download: Oh!My!Yuri

decryption key: ICLAwwj6AxOOzhwW2DVPH-Ny_ifmG-naRIP3z501uas

password: chinen

and yeah the password i meant is the RAR password to extract the photos.

Just if you're wondering, I already uploaded Inoo and jump's group photos in my last post. Okay that's all! If something is wrong with the links feel free to message me. Thank you~

Feb. 6th, 2014


140205 Inoo Kei [Johnny's Official OFF PHOTOSHOTS] + Bonus

Hi! If you want to download HQ Inoo Kei's official off photoshots, I have it here!


download link: 4shared || MEGA

decryption key: 7mNEEXjb_dMmfVGTQWXYmMpxDiCWrqe0QqA4IwLuRN0

password: inooarioka


Group photo off shots

download link:
4shared || MEGA

decryption key: TgXZF9B5wIGldTa7YZTuB-hec6xIOn1mkZVE-pLq_jU

anyways, congratulations to JUMP for achieving the top spot at Oricon Charts today selling off 102,951 copies of AinoArika/愛すればもっとハッピーライフ on the first day of release!!! banzai!!

**** Just comment below if the link doesn't work out!

Feb. 1st, 2014


140131 - Comeback Post | HSJ FC Booklet #20

Hi! How are you been lately? It's been a month and a half since I posted. I seldom go online these days via PC coz I've been busy with work lately but I often go online via SNS for important matters. I usually go to LJ 1-2x per week but in terms of updating nowadays that is a matter to be talk about coz I'm such a couch potato. *sorry*

Read more...Collapse )

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Gong Xi Fa Cai minna!

Dec. 26th, 2013


131225 Inoo Kei [Johnny's Official Ride With Me Off PHOTO SHOTS]

Hi! How are you've been? Sorry for being hiatus for almost a month now because i'm busy with work nowadays and its the end of the year everyone so MERRY CHRISTMAS and have a JOYOUS NEW YEAR!

For the time being, i'll be back but I hardly go online via PC nowadays. For this entirety and lack of update. I would share to you Kei's Ride With Me off photo shots which was released today together with the RWM single. I have watched the PV this morning and as expected it was good and refreshing coming from jump itself. I'm so proud and finally having Inoo and Keito's solo lines which is a very good christmas gift! ^^

Read more...Collapse )

Thank you and goodnight~ ^^

Nov. 20th, 2013


HAHAHAHA struggling..... in laughing XDDD

Zenkoku Tour Inoo and Takaki hilarious MC Part



Inoo: I sat beside Takaki on the plane. He was eating his bento that time like "Yabe~ Yabai~ Yabe~!"with a very serious face, not with this kind of expression of mine but a very cool expression.
Inoo: I became curious so I asked him what happened. And he answered, "Oichiiiiii!" (delicious in a cute way)
JUMP: He said it! *laughs*
Yuto: Takaki-kun is quite cute, ne?
JUMP: Do ‘oichii’ again! Come on!
Takaki: Why?!
Daiki: Hai.. Okay, so you sat on the plane and…
Hikaru: And you’re eating your bento…
Takaki: Yabai... This is really something
JUMP: What happened?
Takaki: This is really something… Oichiiiiii!
Takaki: Ah, I really looked like an idiot.
JUMP: You ARE an idiot! *laughs*
Yabu: Idiotic and cute. Isn’t that awesome?

hahaha TakaNoo's officiality!! XDDD LOL. I was struggling laughing to Kei-chan's hilarious imitation to Yuyan's way of eating XDDD

credits: J Star Passion

Nov. 15th, 2013


[NEWS] Like finally! Hey!Say!JUMP's 11th single is coming!!

Mehh as I was backtracking twitter updates strangely I saw this update from a fan that jump will be releasing their new 11th single (LIKE FINALLY!!!)

So the said 11th Single will be entitled 「Ride With Me」which will be release on December 25, 2013 (Christmas Day!) and it will be the theme song for Yamada Ryosuke and Daiki Arioka's KINDAICHI SP Drama that will be airing in January 2014.

「Ride With Me」will have 3 versions
* 2 limited editions
* 1 regular edition

Limited Edition 1: Bonus DVD of 「Ride With Me」MV + Making
Limited Edition 2: Recording of 「Go To The Future!」and GIFT + 16 pages of special booklet
Regular Edition: Recording of 「School Girl」and 「Hands Up」

-- (ymytm2) on Twitter

+ this says that ride with me is of course the main track
+ Go to the future >>> jump band to be more precise
+ GIFT >>> winter ballad
+School girl
+Hands Up

Preorder here NOW: Tower Records JP

Nov. 11th, 2013


131105 Inoo Kei - 100秒博士アカデミーに (first appearance)

This file isn't mine but if you want to watch Hyako Byo Hakase Academy with Inoo in it
Inoo Kei CUT: 1

If you want to download the file unfortunately its in weibo baidu form (TS files) and I cannot reupload it since it is not allowed to according to the uploader's wish. But if you want to, I can teach you how though and to those who knew to download the file here are the links:

*download link Inoo Kei CUT parts only: 1 | password: ne32
*download link FULL SHOW: 2 | password: o4gz

Of course these ts files would be seem heavy because it is all HD. The cut parts is worth of 3gb and the full show is 5gb.

credits: royalmaron | Channel_JPN | 伊野尾员会 | 死宅orz

*** Please PM me or message me down below if you need help.

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